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Our Projects

Statement	While we had traditionally only performed CPT testing on non-pavement surfaces, where we could anchor into the soil to generate an appropriate reaction force, we were able to custom build a concrete anchoring system for our rig in our machine shop. We performed the CPTs at night and conducted pore pressure dissipation testing throughout.

I-895 AET

CPT and Data Reduction

The calibration equipment requires significant upfront investment and both operators and engineers need extensive training

SPT Hammer Calibration

SPT Hammer Calibration

We utilized our jack up barge, which allowed us to drill deep borings over the course of multiple days without worrying about tidal flucuations affecting the quality or accuracy of the data we collect. Moreover we handled coordination with the pier owners to coordinate drilling operations in a way that minimized disruption to inbound vessels.

Fairfield Marine Terminal Reconstruction

Marine borings

We placed two to four crews on this project at any given time, and extensively utilized our jack-up barge to drill borings in the potomac that would be too dangerous for a standard spud barge.

DC Water - Clean Rivers Tunnel

SPT, Marine, and In-Situ Testing

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