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60+ Years of Combined Expertise in Comprehensive Design and Analysis

Our geotechnical engineering services are backed by a highly qualified team of three Professional Engineers (PE) licensed in Maryland, each with over 20 years of experience. We specialize in a comprehensive range of services, from geotechnical data report preparation to end-to-end geotechnical design solutions. Whether you require site investigation and analysis, foundation design, slope stability assessment, or construction monitoring, our team leverages their expertise to deliver tailored and reliable geotechnical solutions for your projects.

Our Engineering Capabilities

We offer comprehensive engineering capabilities, from geotechnical data report preparation and design to advanced in-situ soil and rock characterization tests.

Geotechnical Data Report Preparation

We’ll plan and/or perform the necessary geotechnical investigations and prepare a report evaluating the site.

Construction site

Geotechnical Design 

We’ll plan and/or perform the necessary geotechnical investigations and design the foundation for your structure

Construction Planners

In Situ-Testing    

We’ll perform and interpret the results of a variety of in-situ tests to characterize especially poor soils and rock more accurately. Tests include Pressuremeter (PMT), CPT, In-Situ Vane Shear, and Marchetti Dilatometer (DMT)    

Construction Workers

Vertically Integrated Engineering: Real-Time Collaboration for Precision & Efficiency

By virtue of being vertically integrated, we can leverage our expertise across the entire investigation and design process to optimize the engineering process. Every project is planned through collaboration between our PMs, engineers, drillers, and lab technicians to meticulously develop an approach that is efficient, resourceful, and reliable. Moreover, all departments collaborate in real time during the project to ensure we collect the necessary data for the most efficient design


I-895 AET

CPT and Data Reduction

Our client was tasked with designing replacements/ reconstructions of the existing toll plaza, exit ramps, and bridges of I-895. We conducted SPT borings for this project but suggested supplementing the bridge abutment borings with CPTs to support a more cost effective design.

Additional Case Studies

SPT Hammer Calibration

SPT Hammer Calibration

DC Water - Clean Rivers Tunnel

SPT, Marine, and In-Situ Testing

Fairfield Marine Terminal Reconstruction

Marine borings

How to Work with Us


Reach Out to Us

Begin your project journey with us. Whether it's an email or a phone call, our team is ready to listen, understand, and offer initial guidance tailored to your project's specific needs.


Walk the Site Together

We draft a proposal tailored to your project. For complex endeavors, we'll visit the site with you to preempt any unforeseen challenges.


Sit Back & Relax

Our team manages the entire process, from planning and permitting to execution. We keep you informed at your preferred level, ensuring a smooth experience.

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