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Fairfield Marine Terminal Reconstruction

Marine borings


Client Challenge

Our client was tasked with redesigning the fairfield marine terminal pier, but characterizing the subsurface conditions proved challenging due to the 40' water depth and tidal fluctuations. Borings would need to be advanced in excess of 100' below the mud line, and this was further complicated by needing to deploy a large turbidity curtain for every boring due to MDE regulations.

Fairfield Marine Terminal Reconstruction

Our Strategy

We utilized our jack up barge, which allowed us to drill deep borings over the course of multiple days without worrying about tidal flucuations affecting the quality or accuracy of the data we collect. Moreover we handled coordination with the pier owners to coordinate drilling operations in a way that minimized disruption to inbound vessels.

The Results

We completed the project several days ahead of schedule and provided the client with high quality data will minimizing any inconveniences to the project owner.

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